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 delivers relevant, practical training in filmmaking and screenwriting. At the Centre, you will learn in a supportive, collaborative and creative filmmaking environment. The quality of the work produced at the centre is outstanding, as is the quality of the industry-focused vocational training students receives at the centre.  M.Media’s College of TV, Films & Creative Arts is designed to provide specialist practical training in filmmaking and creative arts to students who are determined to work in this industry. In addition to the many skills students learn in their courses, we are committed to instilling students with the character qualities that are so valued in the industry – an industry where team work, cooperation and collaboration are essential on a daily basis.

Our Vision: M-Media College of TV, Films & Creative Art seeks to nurture leaders who are knowledgeable and have skills to lead their organizations to success.

Our Mission: The mission of M-Media College of TV, Films & Creative Art is to be a centre of excellence in training & learning in all areas related to media and entertainment production. It aims to create a talented community of students who excel in their fields, in a creative and stimulating environment.

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M-Media Values : We are driven by passion, innovation, experience and the ‘results’.
On most of our courses, students write, produce, direct and edit their own short films and are supported by their tutors and a professional editor. Students benefit from hands-on experience via numerous shooting and directing exercises, tailored coaching through one-to-one and group sessions with our tutors and access to state-of-the-art digital technology. 
Preparing you for your career : We work hard to prepare our students to make films that will work in cinema, but we also understand film in the broader sense, and prepare students for new career paths within the changing digital landscape by providing insight into the various platforms through which film can now be enjoyed, from Internet video-on-demand to mobile phones and HD TV.
Programs to fit your needs: We select students who show passion, talent, and determination to succeed, and offer a variety of full-time, part-time and weekend programmes to fit your needs, whether you’re a school leaver looking for an intensive two-year degree programme; a graduate looking to build on your academic experience with a highly practical immersive programmed; or a working professional considering a change in career direction.


The list below helps give a sense of what makes M-Media the choice for students who are serious about working in the film industry:
• Tutoring by highly experienced working industry professionals
• Excellent tutor-to-student ratio
• Flexible study options
• Development of both practical and theoretical skills.
• Friendly simulating environment.
• Project based learning.
• Promotes the value of lifelong learning.

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